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Proverbs 29:25 – “Fear can be a trap, but if you trust in the Lord, you will be safe.” What are you fearful for today? Is there something you want to do but don’t know where to begin? I pray you release this to the Lord. This past week, the Lord has revealed some things to me as well. For years, I never let people get too close. It was a protective mechanism I didn’t even realize I had. I would do it by hurting those who I felt were getting too close. I would do something I felt would push them away. It usually worked. Then I would turn around and blame them. It’s interesting how that works right? Have you ever heard the phrase, “hurt people hurt people?” They do. I was hurt. I couldn’t let go of the internal pain and to this day, I still struggle from time to time. I was afraid of letting people in. I was afraid to allow them to know who I really was – a messed up individual who needed help. On the outside, I put on this mask and went out into the world being whoever I thought everyone else wanted me to be. On the inside, I was dying. To this day, I am still learning more and more that it isn’t meant for us to chase titles so the world will see us. God already sees us. His definition of “success” is far different from the world’s definition of it.



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