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Building our immune systems, especially in this day and age, revolves around thoroughly researched studies and making informed decisions. I became more passionate about immunity in 2007, after my mom passed from a common bacterial infection after contracting HIV (which turned into AIDS in the end). During the time I was taking care of her (she also had Multiple Sclerosis, Hyperthyroidism, and was found to have bipolar disorder), I took many courses to learn how to use more natural approaches to her overall care. The multiple prescriptions were really affecting her physically and psychologically. Therefore, I made it my personal mission to learn what I could. Fast forward, 2017, my daughter was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). I began to learn how nutrition played a part in this as well. In 2019, I read case studies on a company called Juice Plus. I couldn't believe how simple it could be to boost our immune systems naturally just by adding in more fruits and vegetables. Therefore, I became a distributor for the company. Then, in 2020, we were introduced to a new strand of the SARS virus they called Covid-19. The thing about viruses (as we have learned from the flu) is they mutate however needed to infect the host (person). As we (people) came up with ways to supposedly combat the virus, we actually made it worse. We used cleansers such as Lysol and bleach that have been found to have a negative effect on the lungs. Depleting our lungs is what Covid thrived on even more. We also used more hand sanitizer. We began doing more to lessen our immunity. We focused more on human creations than natural resources. As we continue through this "pandemic," it is super important for us to focus on natural ways to boost our immunity. In this experience, you will read about Juice Plus and read peer-reviewed studies. I will also share my experiences and what I use to combat things in our house. Join me to learn about holistic immunity.