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Jodi Watkins

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This group contains courses and mentorship for business development and online coaching success for coaches looking to leverage their time and platforms, such as Convene Communities and Trainerize.

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This group is all about fitness, nutrition, and health. The team and I share experiences and knowledge learned over time to help you live your best life. It takes knowing you are more than worthy and taking action toward your goals. We are here to be your accountability partners.

"Our mission is to help you start your health journey by making it a lifestyle. We work as a team to serve you and help you live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. It all starts with the mind."

We use online programming via our excellent online habit/lifestyle coaching app to build individual customized fitness and nutrition programming just for you. If you are interested in our one-on-one programming, please message us privately for the next steps. Thank you!

Choose the coach that's right for you. We are an online coaching platform/studio. We build personalized programs (nutrition and fitness coaching) inside our app. Our coaches also have groups inside this community if you want to begin your journey at your own pace. We are here for you! Check out each coach's story and see who you feel more aligned with. At 2BEpic, we use online programming via our fantastic app to build individual customized fitness and nutrition programming just for you. We help you establish better habits, live a healthy lifestyle, and offer life coaching. When you see someone you would like to work with, all you do is send a private message to that coach right here inside Convene! Make sure you add us as friends here, also! Thank you for being here!

We look forward to engaging with you!

Jodi Watkins,

Founder, 2BEpic Fitness and Nutrition, LLC, and team leader

Founder of 2BEpic Online Customized Coaching Studio/Mentor for Coaches

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