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Reclaim Your Life Book - Continuing Education and Interactive Modules

Jodi Watkins

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Group Description

In this group, we dive deeper into my book, Reclaim Your Life: 6 Steps to Healthy Mind and Body. Click on "modules" to retrieve access to developing a sound mindset, learning time management, implementing self-care, fueling our bodies through nutrition, implementing exercise as part of our routines, and staying consistent when "life happens!" Come on in, click the links with numbers beside them, interact with me and others in the lessons, and explore tools to begin and continue the journey to becoming limitless in life!

Group Information

Ready to Reclaim Your Life?

This group encompasses the six tools I have used to reclaim my life and help others reclaim theirs.

The modules, along with my coaching, are based on my book, Reclaim Your Life

All coaching will take you through the book, chapter by chapter. 

The Modules are Paid and include "Experiences" or lessons that will enhance learning and make it more of an interactive experience. 

I am offering a 40% referral fee for each module to help others share the value AND create passive income streams. 

Become a qualified affiliate, share the wealth, and enhance your wealth!

To this day, I still use the tools in this book, and they have become the benchmark for my Total Health Spiritual Wellness Programs. 

Use the "Discussion Boards" to post anything and ask questions. The Modules and subgroups are all INTERACTIVE, meaning this is NOT a place for you to "hang out." This place is a safe space for you to be "involved." We use Discussion Boards to ask questions, gain support, and do life together. 

If you are an individual coaching client, you are welcome to share insight and gain support inside this PUBLIC GROUP. This is where we can get honest and vulnerable. 

So, come on in, explore, and take part in this journey we are all learning to embrace more and more. 

Module 1 goes over Mindset and how to begin healing and letting go.

Module 2 goes over how to be more productive, take care of ourselves, and find more time in the day (time audit intro)

Module 3 goes over Self-Care and why we people-pleasers must stop trying to please the world. We simply can't!

Module 4 is Nutrition and includes some things that I have learned along the way that will help you get started. 

Module 5 covers Exercise and why strength training is essential, especially for women. 

Module 6 is critical - Staying Consistent! When life happens, do we quit, or do we adjust? Do we stop caring for ourselves? NO!

Watch this video to learn more about the course, modules, and purpose behind all this:

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Join the subscription group for LIVE MONTHLY webinars and access to PAID GROUP COACHING.

Use the code 30DAYTRIAL to receive your first month FREE! Share the group with others to create more value, share the wealth, and create a passive income stream for yourself by sharing something that is helping you. 

Ready to take a deeper dive? 

Join my individual coaching subgroup to learn more about my 4, 8, and 12-month programs that dive deeper into what YOU need and desire out of life. These programs are customized for you. Join the group and find out what you can look forward to once you're coaching with me. 

I will pour into you. It's who I am. I don't know how NOT TO run into you. 

If you aren't sure which option is best for you, go to and book a strategy call with me to discuss everything and find what works for your budget and needs. 

Your journey awaits! Ready?

If so, keep clicking and find your mental and physical freedom path!

I am grateful for everything I have endured in life that has led me to have the ability to facilitate this group, course, and all the coaching programs. 

Thank you for being here! 

Now, let's begin. Click "Modules" or "Subgroups" to take your life further, one step at a time. 

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