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Individual Total Transformation Coaching

Jodi Watkins

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This group is the entry to Jodi's Total Transformation Life, Health, and Business Development Coaching (if desired). There are no limits except those we place on ourselves. You will find THREE SUBGROUPS in this group based on your preferred time commitment. To access these groups, you must have first signed an agreement with Jodi for the allotted amount of time desired. Jodi is currently offering 4-month, 8-month, and 12-month coaching groups. She only wishes to work with those fully committed to transforming their lives and bodies. Follow-on is lifetime access to her Accountability Subscription Group for ongoing support and group coaching. These programs are an investment into your life and will yield results if you put in the required effort. There are no refunds, and you are part of a referral program where you can refer and earn (become a qualified affiliate for the Convene Communities platform by watching the video, submitting a W-9, and entering your PayPal or Venmo information).

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