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Unlock your literary dreams with our Epic Author's Odyssey Mastermind Subscription Group and Epic Elite Author Accelerator Ghostwriting packages. Join our exclusive community for aspiring authors and experience a transformational journey from idea to a finished book with expert ghostwriting, accountability, and project management. Elevate your writing with our premium services, personalized support, and invaluable resources.

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Tier 1: Subscription-Based Ghostwriting Group Concept

Title: Epic Author's Odyssey Mastermind

The Epic Author's Odyssey Mastermind is an exclusive group designed for ambitious authors on a mission to transform their book or blog ideas into tangible reality. This membership level offers unique three or 6-month subscription packages, integrating ghostwriting services, accountability structures, and expert project management to ensure the successful completion of your manuscript or blog series.

Included Features:

1. Ghostwriting Services: Collaborate closely with our skilled ghostwriters, who will craft engaging, well-structured, and meticulously polished content to bring your vision to life, whether a full-length book or an extensive blog series.

2. Accountability: Regular check-ins and meticulous milestone tracking to keep your writing objectives on track and maintain unwavering momentum throughout your journey.

3. Project Management: Benefit from a dedicated project manager who will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that all project elements are meticulously organized and efficiently adhering to the schedule. They will also assist with coordinating voice recording transcription if required.

4. Exclusive Community: Forge connections within a private online community of like-minded authors. Share your experiences, seek advice, and cultivate an invaluable support and encouragement network.

5. Resources and Workshops: Access various valuable resources, participate in webinars, and attend workshops focused on writing, editing, and publishing, allowing you to gain in-depth insights into the industry's intricacies.

Pricing: The subscription-based model offers monthly payments at $499/month. Charges will continue until your project is completed, following the terms agreed upon in your contract.

Please note that the pricing may vary based on the complexity of the project and the chosen subscription duration (3 or 6 months).

Tier 2: Summary for the One-Time Payment Group

Title: Epic Elite Author Accelerator

The Epic Elite Author Accelerator represents the pinnacle of premium ghostwriting services, tailored to expedite the journey for authors seeking efficient completion of their writing projects. This group introduces a one-time payment option, offering a three or 6-month program that guarantees the timely fulfillment of your book or blog, according to the agreed-upon terms.

Included Features:

1. Ghostwriting Services: Engage the expertise of our seasoned ghostwriters to craft compelling content that aligns seamlessly with your creative vision, ensuring your writing shines brightly, be it in a book or an extensive blog series.

2. Accountability: Maintain consistent progress with regular check-ins and meticulous tracking of milestones, ensuring your focus remains undeterred.

3. Project Management: Experience the guidance of a dedicated project manager who will keep your writing endeavor meticulously organized and in constant forward motion. They will also assist with voice recording transcription if such services are necessary.

4. Exclusive Community: Join a private online community to interact with fellow authors, share knowledge, and receive support throughout your writing journey.

5. Resource Library: Gain access to an extensive resource library brimming with essential tools for writing, editing, and publishing, enabling you to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Pricing: The one-time payment structure for the Epic Elite Author Accelerator will vary based on the complexity of the project and the preferred duration of 3 or 6 months. As a high-end service, the pricing will naturally reflect the offering's compressed timeline and premium nature.

At Lady J Consulting Group, we emphasize the exceptional quality and transformative potential that these exclusive memberships bring to aspiring authors.

Additional charges may exist depending on the writing projects' scope, complexity, and industry standards for high-end ghostwriting services.

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