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Breaking Barriers Now Podcast and Videocast

Jodi Watkins

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This podcast began in 2020 as the world embarked on a new way of life. We were told to stay indoors, wear masks, and not be around others. This way of thinking directly correlates to depression. For one, lack of Vitamin D has been directly linked to depression and other mental deficiencies (including putting a damper on our immune systems). The masks kept us away from each other. We were told to distance ourselves. We must consider the ultimate impact these types of directions can have on the population. Kids who went to school to get away from home (like I did growing up) were now stuck in toxic situations. Adults were getting sicker from breathing in their carbon dioxide and not going outside. I decided to begin something that had been on my heart for so long - this podcast. The title came from all the barriers I had (and have) to break in my life. While my story matters, too, I wanted a place where others could come on and share their stories of faith, fire, and fight. I wanted to share how others were breaking barriers in their own lives. Our tests are our testimonies. Strength comes from struggle. Our stories matter and are meant to be heard. They are intended to help others. They are meant to inspire and encourage others to be whatever they desire to be in life. There are no limits except those we place on ourselves. This podcast was a vision given to me to be part of the greater good. Thank you for joining me in this mission, and God bless you!

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Please come check out the podcast that will be sure to create something more than I ever imagined! God bless and thank you for your support! Please continue to provide feedback and support our efforts by donating to @jodionamission on Venmo. "Great blessings belong to you who are hungry now. You will be filled. Great blessings belong to you who are crying now. You will be happy and laughing." Luke 6:21 ERV

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