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Breaking Barriers Now Podcast and Videocast

Jodi Watkins

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In 2020, 'Breaking Barriers Now: Stories of Faith, Fire, and Fight' emerged as a podcast, offering solace amid the pandemic's challenges. This venture addresses the link between pandemic restrictions and rising depression rates, emphasizing the consequences of limited outdoor exposure and physical distancing. The podcast's core mission is to share stories of resilience and triumph, providing a platform where individuals recount their journeys of faith, ambition, and determination. It underscores the belief that our trials become our testimonials, empowering listeners to transcend self-imposed limitations. Breaking Barriers Now is a vision for the greater good, inviting all to unite, share their stories, and inspire the world.

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Please come check out the podcast that will be sure to create something more than I ever imagined! God bless and thank you for your support! Please continue to provide feedback and support our efforts by donating to @jodionamission on Venmo. "Great blessings belong to you who are hungry now. You will be filled. Great blessings belong to you who are crying now. You will be happy and laughing." Luke 6:21 ERV

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