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Breaking Barriers Now Podcast and Videocast

Jodi Watkins

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The mission of Convene Connections Corporation is to join forces with others to build a community (aka corporation) where people feel supported and want to support one another. Breaking Barriers Now is a small part of this mission. We work together to have a mark on our community and beyond. We will go into communities in need and lock arms with others around us by who we are led. We are a Kingdom Driven Corporation with God as our CEO. We are stewards through Him. Our values include selflessly serving others, providing community involvement and after-school activities to include entrepreneurship introduction in different areas, and giving generously. Breaking Barriers Now provides the voice that will help enrich the community and other areas. Our purpose is revealed through living intentionally, building a true community, and restoring hope in those who have lost it over time due to unforeseen circumstances. We will have one focus, one voice, be in agreement, and work at building what has the potential to be more than the vision ever saw. Those who are meant to be on this mission will be. Breaking Barriers, Inc. includes spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial wellness. We plan to implement after-school and adult programs that will consist of music, art, writing, physical health, and basic financial freedom tactics (things I didn't learn until just through the last year that have helped me tremendously and that I am eager to share with others). We will teach the youth what we didn't learn but are passionate about passing down to our children and others. We will be their support system when they don't have one. We will bring in specialists with similar values who genuinely care and want to help the cause. While we build this up organically and through God, we bring you the Breaking Barriers Now Show. On this show, we interview other amazing people with stories that will leave a lasting impression on your life. We pray you will receive these stories and understand we all have one. Sharing our stories through writing, music, art, sports, and speaking can help us heal through trauma. We begin to let go of baggage and welcome lasting change. We all go through stuff. It's up to us to choose happiness or choose misery. For me, I had to decide to want to be a better person. It's what has now allowed me to show up for those around me. I am genuinely grateful for the ability to get to know these people who come to our show and now be able to share them with you! God bless you, and thank you for your support. Please donate to the cause by going to Cash App @jodiwatkinsinspires. Your donations will assist the youth who currently have no hope and provide us with the ability to get this podcast out all over the world. The child needs more people like us to show them possibilities. Your support is greatly appreciated! We are building something huge and your contributions will make it happen!

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Please come check out the podcast that will be sure to create something more than I ever imagined! God bless and thank you for your support! Please continue to provide feedback and support our efforts by donating to @jodionamission on Venmo. "Great blessings belong to you who are hungry now. You will be filled. Great blessings belong to you who are crying now. You will be happy and laughing." Luke 6:21 ERV

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